Elizabeth Edwards Opens Up Shop

It’s been a whirlwind year for Elizabeth Edwards. Her husband admitted an affair with Rielle Hunter, and she’s been battling breast cancer. But, after a long book tour to promote Resilience, she is turning over a new leaf—and opening up a furniture store. At Red Window, in Chapel Hill, N.C., she’ll sell furniture at wholesale prices. Edwards says she was inspired by a charity furniture store her mother ran when she was a child. John Edwards attended the grand opening on Saturday in a T-shirt, and was all smiles about his wife’s new endeavor. Though he is in the middle of a federal investigation over campaign finances—and reports have surfaced that he has secretly taken a DNA test to determine the paternity of Hunter’s child—Edwards says he is focused on supporting his wife and the store. Said Elizabeth: “We just have a family to run and now a business to run as well, so we just keep our eye on that ball and try to ignore what supermarket tabloids have to say.”