Elon Musk: I’ve ‘Never Even Met’ Azealia Banks

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed he has “never even met” Azealia Banks after the rapper sounded off on social media, saying Musk was “scrounging for investors” over the weekend. Musk told Gizmodo that he “has never even met [Banks] or communicated with her in any way,” and a Tesla spokesperson said Banks’ claims were “complete nonsense.” In a series of Instagram stories and an interview with Business Insider, Banks claimed she was invited to stay at Musk’s house for the weekend to collaborate with his girlfriend, musician Grimes, for her new album. While her hosts promised to get work done, Banks alleges she saw Musk “in the kitchen tucking his tail in between his legs scrounging for investors to cover his ass” after he tweeted he had secured funding to take Tesla private. “He was stressed and red in the face,” she said, claiming Musk “didn’t have any funding secured.” She also said that she was waiting around all weekend while Grimes “coddled” Musk for “being too stupid to know not to go on twitter while on acid.” She attacked the couple further, calling Grimes an “idiot” and calling Musk a “beta male.”