Third World


These voting problems are a national embarrassment, and are only going to get worse.

These voting problems and lines and so forth are just embarrassing. People are going to be in line until 10 or later? In line?? They ran out of ballots in Racine?

This is humiliating. Why does this happen? Underfunding. Some innocent error. And some not so innocent error. Some elections boards simply don't send enough machines to poor areas.

Ever heard of people waiting on line til 11 o'clock at night or standing on line for six or seven hours in Grosse Point or Shaker Heights or Boca Raton? Didn't think so. And that is intentional. By Republicans.

Americans want to vote, and they are enduring extraordinary hardships to do so. This is like that footage we see from developing countries, poor people walking seven miles to vote. We think of it as exotic when we see that footage, and alient. The same crap happens here in essence. And the worst part: The GOP is going to spend the next four years making it harder still for poor people to vote.