Eric Trump: Donald ‘Absolutely’ Pays Federal Taxes

Eric Trump insisted that his father pays federal income taxes when grilled about it by a CNN reporter Tuesday night. After Tim Kaine repeatedly brought up the topic during Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Eric Trump flat-out whether or not Donald Trump has been paying federal taxes. “We pay a tremendous amount of taxes,” Eric Trump said, appearing to try to change the subject before Bash pushed him to specify what kind of taxes. “Federal income taxes?” she asked. “Yes,” he said, again switching to another subject. Bash wasn’t letting him get off that easily, however. “Eric, my question though is has he paid federal income taxes over the last 18 years?” “Of course, yes, absolutely,” Eric Trump responded. When asked whether or not the public would ever see proof, he said his father would release it “when the audit is over.” Eric Trump’s comments come as the Trump team tries to play down concerns over the Republican nominee’s tax history, after a recent report found that Trump may have used a loophole to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades.