E.W. Jackson Slams Facebook Mogul In Email

In a fundraising email to supporters, E.W. Jackson, the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, attacked Sean Parker.

E.W. Jackson, the far right wing Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia has now added Sean Parker, a tech mogul instrumental in the success of Facebook, to an enemies list that includes gays, Planned Parenthood and yoga practitioners.

In an email to supporters tonight entitled "Pirates," Jackson slammed Parker, a Virginia native who recently donated $200,000 to Jackson's Democratic opponent, State Senator Ralph Northam. In the email, Jackson labels Parker an "eccentric unethical billionaire." In particular, he singles out the Facebook mogul for criticism for his role founding Napster, the pioneer file sharing service from the early 2000s. In the email, Napster is characterized as a "music pirating service shut down in the early 2000s for theft of intellectual property" and because of his involvement, Parker is labeled an "unethical pirate."

In his disdain for Parker and Napster, Jackson, an evangelical minster, finds unexpected common ground with the heavy metal band Metallica, which famously launched a lawsuit against the file-sharing website in 2000 that eventually forced Napster into bankruptcy.