Ewan McGregor Calls Out Piers Morgan for His Women’s March Misogyny

The star of ‘Trainspotting’ refused to go on Morgan’s morning program ‘Good Morning Britain’ following the host’s gross comments about the women’s marches.

Fred Thornhill/Reuters

Early Tuesday, actor Ewan McGregor, star of such films as Trainspotting and the Star Wars prequels, explained why he wouldn’t be appearing on the show Good Morning Britain that day—and it had to do with the show’s embarrassing, sexist clown of a co-host, Piers Morgan.

Morgan, as is his wont, responded with a series of “acting tough online” tweets, even though he’s a total softy who’s probably never thrown a punch in his life and McGregor is from Scotland, rides a motorcycle, and could kick the ever-living shit out of him whilst on a Mark Renton-sized dose of heroin:

The comment McGregor took issue with came via Twitter, a medium where the desperate-for-attention Morgan spends his days searching for his name. On Saturday, the day millions of women took to the streets around the world to protest the election of a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women on tape, Morgan fired off the following tweet:

It’s here we should note that Morgan, with his little poof of hair, baby face, and saggy body, is far from a paragon of masculinity. An incompetent journalist who’s failed upward his entire career, from being in breach of the Press Complaints Commission's financial code for investing in a stock prior to running an exclusive on the company, to being sacked from the Daily Mirror for running fake photos of British soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners (and refusing to apologize for it), to allegedly overseeing phone hacking as editor of the Mirror, Morgan is a complete and utter disgrace to the journalistic profession.

Lately, Morgan has been serving as the Bib Fortuna to Trump’s Jabba the Hutt, penning piece after piece praising the unhinged billionaire—that is, when he’s not cashing in on his brand of rank misogyny, criticizing everything from Susan Sarandon’s cleavage to Kim Kardashian’s nudes in his unreadable Daily Mail op-eds. Morgan, of course, owes a debt of gratitude to Trump, seeing as the former real estate heir dubbed the Brit the victor of the 2008 edition of Celebrity Apprentice, before keeping him on as a judge. In one of the show’s most cringe-worthy scenes, Morgan can be seen snickering after Trump took it upon himself to sexually harass Brande Roderick on camera, saying to her, “Must be a pretty picture—you dropping to your knees.”

And McGregor, on the other hand, is not only Obi Wan Kenobi, but wields a real-life lightsaber that is, well, a heck of a lot bigger than Morgan’s.