Ex-‘Bachelorette’: I Was Sexually Assaulted While Filming the Show

Bachelorette contestant Meredith Phillips (season two) alleges she was drugged and sexually assaulted in 2003 by a masseuse hired by the show, BuzzFeed News reported. Phillips told her story for an episode of the Reality Steve podcast, released Wednesday morning, saying she was “always really tired” and producers weren’t helpful when asked what the hardest part of filming was. Phillips then recounted how she was “roofied” and “kind of accosted” by a female “masseuse that a producer hired to come into [her] room and give [her] a massage.” She claimed that the masseuse handed her a pill, and she assumed it was an aspirin to “loosen up” her back, but that she didn’t remember much after she took it. “The last thing I remember—she was in the tub with me and she was rubbing my back and she was rubbing areas that she probably shouldn't have,” she said. “Then I was put in bed... I woke up naked. Don’t remember much... I wasn't even drinking.” Phillips claimed that she “literally couldn’t even move [her] body” once the pill kicked in, and said she shoved the incident “somewhere else in [her] brain.” She said that she didn’t bring it up with producers, and “wanted to finish what she started” rather than leaving the show. Neither ABC nor Warner Bros. commented for the BuzzFeed story.