Ex-Exec: NFL Hid Hundreds of Abuse Cases

A former NFL executive says the league did not discipline “hundreds and hundreds” of domestic-violence cases over his 30 years. Jerry Angelo, the former general manager of the Chicago Bears, said the NFL regularly failed to take action against players who were involved in abuse incidents. He said his general approach following a domestic-violence incident was to ask: “OK, is everybody OK? Yeah. How are they doing? Good. And then we’d just move on. We’d move on.” Angelo, who left the NFL in 2011, said he decided to come forward after watching the Ray Rice video. “We knew it was wrong. For whatever reason, it just kind of got glossed over,” he said. “I’ve got to look at myself first. And I was part of that, but I didn’t stand alone.” The NFL denied any knowledge of Angelo’s claims. “We were surprised by Jerry’s comments and do not know what he is referring to,” the league said in a statement.