Ex-Judge Who Assaulted His Wife in 2014 Arrested After She's Found Dead

A former Ohio judge and state lawmaker who went to prison for brutally assaulting his wife in 2014 has been taken into custody after she was found dead, according to local authorities. Lance Mason, was hired as Cleveland’s minority business administrator after he served his jail time but was reportedly fired Saturday when he was arrested. Police in Shaker Heights, Ohio, said in a statement that the death of Mason's estranged wife, Aisha Fraser. was a “terrible tragedy” but didn't release further details. The Shaker Heights Police Department said in a brief statement that Mason was taken into custody after an initial investigation. In August 2014, Mason repeatedly struck Fraser in the head inside a car, bit her face and slammed her head against the dashboard before driving off without her. He was sentenced to 24 months behind bars for the assault and served nine. She had filed for divorce but it was reportedly not finalized.