Ex-Mistress: Madoff 'Not Well-Endowed'

Bernie Madoff was no dynamo in the sack. In her new book, due out Aug. 25, Madoff ex-mistress and financial victim Sheryl Weinstein gets, as the New York Daily News put it, "her incredible revenge by publicly humiliating him with the most intimate and embarrassing details." Weinstein, who lost her life savings when Madoff's $65 billion ponzi scheme unraveled, was apparently stunned the first time she slept with Madoff at the Willard InterContinental Hotel Washington in D.C., in 1993 because "This man was not well-endowed." The next day, he called to apologize, saying "So, now you know about me." Weinstein owns that despite his shortcomings, Madoff turned her on in bed and was a "great kisser." Weinstein also owned up to smoking pot frequently before sex with Madoff, a habit he said his wife shared.