Ex-Trump Staffer Jessica Denson Sues to Invalidate All Campaign NDAs

A former Trump campaign staffer filed a class action lawsuit on Wednesday to invalidate the non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements the campaign required employees to sign, BuzzFeed News reports. Jessica Denson, formerly the campaign’s director of Hispanic engagement, and her lawyers argue the campaign’s NDAs were “unlawful” because they did not allow employees to make legal claims for workplace discrimination, violations, or campaign fraud. Denson’s lawyers also wrote that the language of the NDAs was too vague, didn’t have geographical limits, and didn’t have a purpose. Ex-White House official Cliff Sims also recently filed a lawsuit against the campaign after it accused him of violating an NDA when writing his White House tell-all Team of Vipers. The campaign has previously sued ex-campaign consultant Sam Nunberg and former White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman for NDA violations. The Trump campaign’s spokesperson and its lawyers reportedly did not return BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

Denson previously sued the campaign for discrimination and cyberbullying, but the campaign reportedly claimed she violated her NDA and took her to arbitration—where the arbitrator concluded that she did violate the NDA. Denson then challenged the validity of her own NDA in federal district court in Manhattan earlier this year.