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Exciting Changes at The Daily Beast

The Newsweek/Daily Beast Co. is excited to welcome returning colleagues Deidre Depke and Louise Roug Bokkenheuser and congratulate veterans Jane Spencer and Tom Watson. After four years helping to build The Daily Beast into a thriving global news destination, The Daily Beast’s executive editor Jane Spencer has decided to take an exciting travel sabbatical, but she’ll stay on board in a consulting role as international editor at large. Deidre Depke, most recently the general manager of The and a veteran editor of, will return as executive editor. “I am eager to build on the incredible success of the Beast, which has become a go-to destination site in such a short time.” The talented Tom Watson is being promoted to managing editor, and Louise Roug Bokkenheuser will join NewsBeast again as foreign editor. Read Brown’s staff announcement for all the details.