Exclusive: Watch the Trailer For ‘The Kill Team,’ the Doc the U.S. Army Doesn’t Want You To See

From Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss comes ‘The Kill Team’—a controversial documentary about a team of U.S. soldiers who staged incidents to intentionally kill civilians in southern Afghanistan in 2010.

The Kill Team may prove to be one of the most controversial documentaries of the year.

From filmmaker Dan Krauss, who received an Oscar nomination for his short The Life of Kevin Carter, the film tells the story of Specialist Adam Winfield, a young soldier serving in Afghanistan who ended up on “The Kill Team”—the name a group of green soldiers gave themselves as they allegedly staged incidents to intentionally target and kill civilians while serving in southern Afghanistan in 2010. Specialist Winfield tried to alert the Army to what was going on, and was subsequently indicted on charges of first degree murder.

The documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at Winfield’s legal battle, and includes horrifying firsthand accounts from the soldiers who were directly involved in the civilian murders. The Kill Team won the award for Best Documentary at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, and will be released in theaters on July 25.

Watch the trailer below: