Red lines

Explaining Enrichment

Benjamin Netanyahu's Seinfeldian bomb chart left a little something to be desired: while he surely intended to press the care for a more aggressive international posture against Iran by setting a "clear red line" for its nuclear program, he instead sowed confusion, both here and in Israel. It's not entirely his fault; these are difficult issues and, what's more, the facts weren't really on the side of what Netanyahu was trying to say.

Bibi's old pals at J Street, though, have managed to do what the bellicose prime minister could not: concisely and clearly explain some of the complexities surrounding nuclear science and Iran's program. In a video released by the group this morning, Director of Government Affairs Dylan Williams shed some light on what this talk of uranium enrichment actually means, and where Iran's nuclear program actually is:

That wasn't so hard, was it? It would probably have helped Netanyahu if he wasn't trying to create the illusion of alarm about Iran. Make what you will of J Streets conclusions or push for diplomacy, the explainers on the science of the matter and Iran's current nuclear status are welcome contributions to the debate.