Facebook as Ultimate Aggregator?

And Mark Zuckerberg’s reign continues: Facebook’s recent $47.5 million purchase of FriendFeed, a social-media platform that collects everything you do on the Internet, drew notice earlier this week. FriendFeed will direct other sites, like Twitter and Flickr, to Facebook, which may result in a mash-up many might call “FaceFeed.” The sophisticated aggregator of everything you do on the Internet will cycle back onto your Facebook page, creating the ultimate social tool. As Facebook is trying to become your single portal for the Internet, The Washington Post writes, “Facebook bought FriendFeed so it could be the Huffington Post of your social life.” If all goes according to plan, Facebook would be second only to Google—and possibly create a viral war between the two portals. But in the end, the article continues, Facebook bought FriendFeed for one reason: “So it could own you.”