Family: Feds Detain Texas Teen From Jordan After Trump’s Ban

A 16-year-old Texas resident and Jordanian visa holder was detained by U.S. immigration authorities on Saturday in the immediate wake of Trump's immigration executive order. Katy high school student Mohammad Abu Khadra, according to his brother, flew into George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Saturday, and then had his visa canceled by officials. He was then detained at the airport before being transferred to a detention center in Chicago with no access to his cellphone, his brother said. President Trump’s travel ban prohibits citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, but Jordan is not one of the affected nations. The Houston Chronicle reports that it is not yet clear if immigration officials detained the teen over the mass chaos at major U.S. airports last weekend or if he had separate visa issues that were at hand. “My country is not one of seven countries on the list,” the teen’s 37-year-old brother said. “It’s like because he’s from the Middle East, he gets detained.”