Family Won’t Pay Legal Tab for Alleged Racist Killer

The attorney for accused murderer James Harris Jackson dumped him on Monday, saying the racist's family will no longer pay for his legal defense. Sanford Talkin told Manhattan criminal court he would be unable to represent Jackson, who is accused of killing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman out of a hatred for black people, because Jackson's parents would no longer be paying him.

"Whether they have the funds or not I'm not sure, but I can say that his parents are not willing to pay," Talkin said.

Judge Charles Solomon asked Jackson if he or his friends had the means to retain another private attorney for his defense. "No," said Jackson, who appeared cuffed and in khaki prison scrubs, and seemed unperturbed by the proceedings. "There's no chance you'll be able to replace Mr. Talkin?" Solomon asked. "That's not possible," Jackson replied. He will be appointed a new attorney on Wednesday morning.

— Katie Zavadski