Fatal Police Encounter Sparks Protests in Pasadena

Protesters took to the streets of Pasadena on Friday night after a man said to be mentally ill died in a struggle with police officers. Pasadena police Chief Phillip Sanchez said the incident happened early Friday, when officers used a Taser on a man armed with a knife. After the man was subdued, police officers noticed he was no longer breathing, and paramedics were unable to save him when they arrived, Sanchez said in a statement. Police have not released the man’s identity, but family members have named him as Reginald Thomas, who was reportedly known to police for his mental health issues. Thomas’ wife, Shainie Lindsay, told local media that Thomas, who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, had called the police himself when he sensed he was having an episode. About 100 protesters marched from the apartment complex where Thomas was killed to the police department on Friday night. The group held signs and candles, at times blocking roads, but there were no reports of violence.