FBI Releases List of Samuel Little's Possible Murder Victims

The FBI has released a list detailing dozens of murders that Texas inmate Samuel Little has claimed to have carried out over several decades, with descriptions of his 90 possible victims and the circumstances of their deaths. Since Little confessed to the murders, federal authorities have “confirmed 34 killings” by matching evidence to his confessions. The list features both corroborated and uncorroborated victims, listing the victim’s race, possible name, and the approximate years in which she was killed. According to the press release, Little remembers his victims and describes the murders in “great detail”—including where he was and what car he drove. The FBI also said Little drew “pictures of many of the women he killed,” but was not so accurate with dates. The agency said Little chose to target “marginalized and vulnerable women,” including those who were “involved in prostitution and addicted to drugs.” They also said many of the bodies were left as “Jane Does” or were never investigated, as Little’s “method of killing” didn’t always show clear signs of homicide. By knocking out his victims with a punch and strangling them, the FBI said many of Little’s victims were mistaken as “ drug overdoses, accidents, or natural causes.”