FBI to Release Zimmerman Report

The biggest question in the Trayvon Martin shooting—whether killer George Zimmerman was motivated by race—-could be answered by new FBI reports set to be released by the Florida state attorney Thursday. The shooting came to U.S. Department of Justice as a civil-rights case after it was alleged that Zimmerman shot the unarmed teen because of his race. The official conclusion of this investigation is not yet ready to be released, but evidence such as interviews with over 30 people—friends of Zimmermans and members of the local police department where the shooting took place, as well as interviews with Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco who arrested Zimmerman back in 2005—will be. Last week, Zimmerman was released on $1 million bond after the judges initial $150,000 bond was revoked. Martin's shooter and his wife had apparently received over that amount in public donations and did not inform the court.