Feds Seized ‘Several Years’ of Roger Stone’s Communications

FBI agents seized several years worth of Roger Stone’s communications following his arrest last week, prosecutors told a federal judge on Thursday. In a motion to ask for more time to bring Stone’s case to trial, the feds said one reason is because discovery is “both voluminous and complex,” adding up to “several terabytes of information.” It includes results of search warrants served on Stone’s Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts, as well as warrants served on his home, apartment, and office that seized Stone’s cellphones, computers, and hard drives. After the evidence is filtered by a separate FBI team to separate out communications that are privileged (such as discussions with his attorney), it will be given to prosecutors and shared with Stone’s defense. Stone is charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with eight counts related to alleged lies to Congress about his discussions with WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The case will be jointly tried by the U.S. Attorney for D.C., who filed the motion. Stone’s defense doesn’t oppose the move.