Fergie Weighs In

Fergie on Nude Kate Photos

Just when Kate thought the nude photo scandal couldn't get any worse - Sarah Ferguson has come riding to her defence.

Yes, that would be the same Sarah Ferguson who was NFI to Kate and William's nuptials last year.

Fergie, who was snapped having her toes sucked by a lover in photos which precipitated her divorce from Prince Andrew, made her comments about the photo scandal when she was promoting her latest children's book on the TV show Access Hollywood.

“They look beautiful and they had a lovely time together and it was so romantic… it’s beautiful to see a young couple in love.”

“It’s not just invasion of privacy, it’s also the invasion of her inner space,” she said. “I’ve been there. I know what it feels like. There’s nothing – it’s just so cruel to go to that level.”

“I’ve been in public life 27 years now and when Diana and I were together it was bad then,” she said, “It’s the same now and it’s gonna get worse and worse with these telephones with cameras on.”

Thanks for that Fergie.