Why Did it Happen?

Figuring Out Exactly Why Romney Lost

You'll enjoy this Dylan Byers POLTICO article on infighting within the GOP as we seek to determine why Republicans had such a poor showing in 2012. Here are two quotes from David that set the tone for much of the piece. First, a further explanation of the "conservative entertainment complex."

“These people have made politics a theater for identity politics for a segment of America, rather than a way to solve collective problems,” Frum told POLITICO, referring to conservative media commentators. “What is happening now, and it’s disturbing, is that this complex has sold the idea that conservatives are the real majority in America. That claim has been exposed as false. But they are turning on the country and leading their viewers toward alienation and rejection.” ...

David also describes why the GOP can't keep shooting itself in the foot by insulting wide swaths of the electorate.

“The federal government spends seven times as much money on people over 65 as it does on people under 19. The Republican base are the people who get the most from the federal government,” Frum said. “You can’t think if you reject facts. You can’t refer to minority groups as mendicants or moochers simply because they want the economy to function. We need to insult fewer people.”