First Female Fox TV Chief: Rupert Murdoch ‘Called Me a Feminazi’

Lucie Salhany, who was the first female chair of 20th Television, the broadcast network arm of 21st Century Fox, recalled to The Hollywood Reporter how she eventually left the job because the company had become Rupert Murdoch’s “boys club.” When Murdoch took over the operation in the early ’90s, she said, “It was the worst time of my career.” Salhany, now 71, recalled how “Rupert called me a feminazi, because I was a Democrat and liked Hillary [Clinton]. [Hollywood producer] Dawn Steel and I would be looking at a monitor and Hillary would be on and he’d say, ‘You like her, don’t you?’ In meetings, I’d say something, and he would say, ‘Well, what does your husband think?’” She left the company in 1997.