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Florida Company Comes Under Fire For 'Future Bride' Onesie Design

Florida-based fashion company Lyn Dorf designed a wedding-themed onesie for babies as young as six-months-old. One feminist website thinks it's the wrong kind of message.

courtesy of Lyn Dorf

Florida-based fashion company Lyn Dorf has come under fire for prematurely putting bridal on the brain with its 'Future Bride' onesie. The bodysuit, which currently retails for $14.99 on maternity e-commerce site Zulily, is bridal white and has “Future Bride” inscribed across the chest in rhinestone letters.

According to the item’s product page, it’s designed for infants starting at six months old and features three snaps on the bottom for easy removal. The five-year-old company sells other cheeky onesies too, some that say “Babies Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Born to Wear Diamonds" across their chests.

Feminist website Jezebel denounced the bodysuit on Monday with a story titled "Never, Ever Dress a Child in This 'Future Bride' Onesie." The site called the onesie "ridiculous" and encouraged readers not to purchase it.

When The Daily Beast reached out to Lyn Dorf for comment, the company’s president Barry Potter denied that the onesie is detrimental to young children. “That’s taking it to the nth degree,” Potter said of public reaction. “I think when children are born there are a lot of things that transpire between birth and whenever they decide to not get married, to get married, to not have the ability to get married—there’s a long time.”

It's actually even kind of a joke. Robbi Potter, vice president and designer at Lyn Dorf, doesn't even take the onesie's message seriously. “It was so laughable to me to say ‘Future Bride,’” she told The Daily Beast. “It was the biggest joke. It doesn’t mean anything. Whether this mother thinks this baby’s going to be a 'future bride' or a 'future NFL star'.”