Florida Officials Unsure They Caught the Killer Disney Gator

Florida officials cannot definitively say they caught the alligator that killed 2-year-old Lane Graves at a Walt Disney World hotel in June. According to a report released Monday by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state cannot “cannot say with absolute certainty that the subject animal has been taken,” noting that while trappers caught six gators in the aftermath of the tragedy, they were unable to make a positive DNA match. However, the report added, officials are confident that one of the two females caught near the spot where Graves was snatched was the likely aggressor because of their proximity to the area—a fact consistent with alligator behavior towards lost food. The report also found that the boy was standing in ankle-deep water and bent over when he was taken; and that a tourist from South Carolina had spotted the gator roughly 45 minutes before the attack and notified a Disney employee.