Flyer Offers Cash to Attend Jeb Bush Rally

A flyer circulated Monday in Iowa promising "FAST CASH TODAY!" for anyone willing to sit at a Jeb Bush event in Des Moines. "$25/hr, 2 hours max. Bring your friends! First come/first served," the mysterious flyer read. The image was shared by Jeff Sadosky, a spokesman for the Conservative Solutions PAC, which supports Bush rival Marco Rubio.

The flyer informs those interested to contact Dale Herbert and to report to him at the entrance of the rally. When reached for comment by The Daily Beast, however, an unnamed individual at the email address provided said: "No we are not officially part of the Bush Campaign. Hopefully we'll see you there. First come first served." They did not respond to further request on the origin of the flyer.

Bush's campaign first suggested that the flyer could have come from Conservative Solutions because Sadosky shared the image. "People usually tweet things they are proud of," Tim Miller, the campaign's communications director told The Daily Beast. "I honestly have no idea and don’t really care though. It's more telling how many reporters fell for such an obvious prank."

Sadosky also denied any affiliation with it. "The Jeb folks are saying it is a hoax, don’t have any reason to not believe them, I just saw it on Twitter," he said. But Sadosky also took the opportunity to take a shot at the struggling campaign: "Given their fundraising troubles of late, probably makes sense that they couldn’t afford this."

As for Dale Herbert, the individual who is allegedly supposed to meet opportunistic people with their financial prizes at the rally, a Nexis search indicated that no one with that name is currently alive in Iowa.

Gideon Resnick