Flynn Planned to Build Nuclear Plants in the Middle East

Michael Flynn, the now-infamous former national security adviser to President Trump, was involved in a plan to build U.S. nuclear power plants in the Middle East as a safety measure, Newsweek reports. Flynn was forced to amend his financial disclosure forms, and, according to the new filing, he was an adviser to a group that appears to be a Pentagon consultancy in 2015 and 2016. He traveled to Egypt and Israel on behalf of the group, X-Co Dynamics Inc./Iron Bridge Group, to determine attitudes toward a plan for a U.S.-Russian program aiming to control the Arab world's rush to acquire nuclear power and assess the ability of the Middle East to handle radioactive waste securely. Russia would be responsible for securely removing the waste, and Iran would not be involved in the plan. The plan was to be funded entirely by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, and would therefore help the U.S. become involved in the nuclear industry without costing taxpayers.