For Socialism, That's What For, You Socialist!

A plurality of Rhode Island Republicans wants to impeach Obama? For what? I know. For everything.

Here's a funny note from PPP polling. They just did a survey in Rhode Island. Obama's approval rating there is 59/36. But what's interesting is that Rhode Island's Republicans seem to want to see Obama impeached:

...even in a state known for having comparatively moderate Republicans, 44% of them want to impeach Obama to 37% who are opposed. We've polled this in several states over the last few weeks and found that Republicans everywhere want to impeach Obama.

That's PPP's Tom Jensen writing. The question here, as Jensen goes on to note, is, for what?

And that is a little creepy, that he's getting these kinds of numbers out of Rhode Island. But I guess that among that dwindling yet hardy band stll willing to call themselves Republcans, there just isn't much regional differentiation anymore. Everybody lives in a land of make believe where Benghazi and Fast and Furious are somehow impeachable offenses.