Former CIA Officer Kevin Mallory Convicted of Espionage

Former CIA officer Kevin Patrick Mallory was convicted of espionage Friday after being accused of transmitting classified documents to a Chinese agent, according to a Justice Department memo. According to court documents and evidence, Mallory completed all of the necessary steps to send eight documents to China, one of which was classified “top secret” and two of which were “secret.” The memo states that “Mallory was convicted of conspiracy to deliver, attempted delivery, delivery of defense information to aid a foreign government, and making material false statements. He faces a maximum penalty of life in prison when sentenced on Sept. 21.” During his time as a government employee, Mallory worked both as a CIA covert case officer and as an intelligence officer for the DIA. “It is a sad day when an American citizen is convicted of spying on behalf of a foreign power,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers. “This act of espionage was no isolated incident. The People’s Republic of China has made a sophisticated and concerted effort to steal our nation's secrets. Today’s conviction demonstrates that we remain vigilant against this threat and hold accountable all those who put the United States at risk through espionage.”