Former FBI Director James Comey Agrees To Testify in Private Before House Committee

Former FBI Director James Comey has brokered a deal to testify in private before the House Judiciary Committee, marking a departure from his legal fight for a public hearing, his lawyer said Sunday. Comey’s testimony is expected to take place on Friday, according to the Associated Press. Comey’s attorneys had challenged a congressional subpoena in court. They had voiced concern about selective leaks if the proceedings were to be held behind closed doors. A lawyer for Congress had countered that Comey neither had the right to refuse a subpoena nor demand a public hearing before a legislative committee. Comey tweeted “hard to protect my rights without being in contempt” in relation to the dispute. Under Comey’s testimony agreement with lawmakers, he is allowed to discuss the proceedings afterward. A transcript will also be released 24 hours after Comey’s testimony, the AP reported. It is expected that Comey will be asked about why the FBI didn’t bring charges against Hillary Clinton in 2016 for using a private email server. He is also expected to be questioned about the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion between Russia and President Trump’s campaign.