Former Fox News Star: Fox Is Now ‘Trump News Network’

Fox News is now the Trump News Network, former Fox star Andy Levy said Monday evening on HLN’s S.E. Cupp: Unfiltered. During a panel discussion on President Trump’s tweet calling for a “Fake News Trophy” for the outlets he views as adversarial to his presidency, host S.E. Cupp (herself a former Fox News regular) noted that Trump openly declared Fox News as being firmly on his side. Levy, who served for 10 years as “ombudsman” and nightly panelist on Fox News late-night show Red Eye until its early 2017 cancellation, added: “Fox News should disavow it, but it kinda can’t because, with a couple of exceptions, they’ve backed themselves into this corner and they’re now the Trump News Network, and that’s their life blood.” Levy is now a regular panelist and senior producer of Cupp’s show.