Fall From Grace

Former Raiders QB Found Naked, With Drugs

Todd Marinovich, a former quarterback for the Los Angeles Raiders, has been arrested after police found him naked in a stranger's backyard in Irvine, California. He reportedly had marijuana and what was believed to be methamphetamine at the time of his arrest. Police say they were tipped off to Marinovich after someone called saying a naked man was hiking along a trail in a residential area. They arrived to find Marinovich clutching a bag full of drugs. Marinovich, 47, was once a star quarterback and the Raiders' first-round draft pick in 1991, but in recent years he is more well-known for his frequent run-ins with the law. In 1997, he served three months in jail for growing marijuana at home, and in 2001, was busted for heroin possession. He has previously blamed drugs for the downfall of his NFL career.