Former Trump Campaign Staffer Ordered to Pay Over $24K for Violating NDA: Report

A former staffer for President Donald Trump's campaign has been ordered to pay nearly $25,000 for violating the campaign’s nondisclosure agreement, BuzzFeed News reports. Jessica Denson, who worked as a national phone bank administrator and as director of Hispanic engagement for the campaign, is reportedly fighting the October order in court. The order stems from a lawsuit filed by Denson against the campaign in November 2017 alleging discrimination and cyberbullying by campaign officials. Denson reportedly sought $25 million in damages as part of that lawsuit. The campaign reportedly countered by claiming Denson’s suit violated terms of the nondisclosure agreement she signed that prohibited her from “disclosing confidential information, disparaging the campaign, competing with the campaign, or violating its intellectual property.” The campaign initially sought $1.5 million for the violation in arbitration, but the arbitrator has whittled it down to $24,808. Denson has reportedly declined to participate in the arbitration proceedings. The campaign previously claimed former staffers Sam Nunberg and Omarosa Manigault Newman also violated their NDAs. According to the BuzzFeed, Nunberg confidentially settled with the campaign over the matter. A spokesperson for Manigault Newman and the Trump campaign did not return BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.