Foster’s Speech Gets Mixed Reviews

Jodie Foster made a controversial speech at the Golden Globes, so of course celebrities are sharing their opinions on Twitter. Questo of the Roots tweeted, “ Jodie Foster is single eh?” Rosie O’Donnell called the speech “rather amazing.” Actress Kristen Chenoweth tweeted bluntly, “I love Jodie Foster.” But not everyone was a fan of the speech. Writer Bret Easton Ellis called it “Hollywood hypocrisy,” and actor Zach Braff wrote that it was “so inspiring to watch Jodie Foster give her speech in character as Nell.” In The Wall Street Journal, Eric Sasson said the speech was disappointing and called it “confrontational, defensive, disjointed,” adding, “it seems a bit less than gracious, and something of a stretch, for Foster to conflate the public’s desire to know her orientation with a fragrance-toting, prime-time-reality-show-mugging celebrity culture.”