Fourth Cain Accuser Tells Story

At a press conference in New York, a fourth woman—and the first to go public—accused Herman Cain of sexually harassing her. The woman, Sharon Bialek, once worked for the National Restaurant Association, which Cain led. The woman described Cain’s behavior as he gave her a tour before a job interview in 1997. "He put his hand on my leg, under my skirt, reached for my genitals. He brought my head toward his crotch." She said she told him she had a boyfriend and asked him to take her back to her hotel, which he did right away. “I didn’t want to be here today, and wouldn’t be here if not for the other three women. Mr. Cain, I want you to come clean.” She said she has no plans to file a lawsuit. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, noted that Bialek is a Republican.