Fox News Host Tucker Carlson ‘Can’t Really Go’ to Restaurants Anymore

In a new podcast interview with National Review’s Jamie Weinstein, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he can no longer go to most restaurants because he will be screamed at by people who find his views repugnant. “I can’t really go to a lot of restaurants anymore because I get yelled at,” Carlson said. “I don’t feel threatened, but having someone scream, ‘Fuck you!’ at a restaurant, it just wrecks your meal.” After explaining that there is still one restaurant he goes to because he loves it and no one hassles him there, the host added, “I can’t wait for this revolution to end, so I can go back out to dinner.” The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that Carlson is “known to be a regular at The Palm, a steak house” in Washington, D.C. He has previously defended White House officials like press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who have received similar treatment from critics in public. “If they dare leave their homes, they will be surrounded by mobs and threatened,” Carlson said on his show this past June, adding that Sanders and her family had “committed the sin of being related to someone who works at the White House, so progressives continued to harangue them as they tried to eat.”