Fox News Iowa Debate Best Moments (Video)

Rick Perry compares himself with Tim Tebow and more highlights from the GOP debate.

Perry Invokes Tebow

When questioned about his history of shaky debate performances, Rick Perry compares himself to Tim Tebow, perhaps in hopes that he, like the football player, can win against the odds. He also insists that if he makes it to a debate against Obama he'll "get there early and we'll get it on."

Romney on “Pretty Please” Diplomacy

Let’s get one thing straight: if Mitt Romney were president and Iran captured a C.I.A. drone, he certainly would not try to get it back by asking “pretty please.” Not only would President Romney do a way with foreign policy niceties, he’d add 100,000 troops to the U.S. military, buy more ships and modernize our Air Force.

Who Can Beat Obama?

"Probably anybody up here could beat Obama, so the challenge isn’t all that great,” Ron Paul said in response to the opening question--eliciting laughter from the crowd. “I think he’s beating himself.” Paul, who has been recently surging in the polls, said his consistently restrained financial and foreign policy will be his tickets to the general election.

Huntsman Slams the DonaldJon Huntsman had some sharp words for Donald Trump, who recently backed out of moderating his own debate. When asked about his ability to galvanize the conservatives, Huntsman said that he wouldn’t contort himself into a pretzel or sign gimmicky pledges. “And, you know what else, I’m not going to show up at a Donald Trump debate.”

More Vacation for Congress

Rick Perry thinks everyone could benefit from a part-time Congress. “Cut their pay in half,” the governor said. “Cut their time in Washington in half. Cut their staff in half.” And have them work 140 days every other year--just like in Texas.

Romney Hearts Jet Blue

Businessman Mitt makes the point that not all businesses succeed--even humbly admitting his own failures, such as not investing in Jet Blue. That decision was "kind of wrong," he concedes. "[It's] now one of my favorite airlines."

Newt Endorses Habitat for HumanityFor all the bashing of Jimmy Carter, one the former president’s pet projects is also a favorite of Newt. The former Speaker of the House praised Habitat for Humanity because it gives “families on the margin” the ability to own a home.

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Gingrich Restrains His Zaniness

Newt confesses that he's been editing his words in an effort not to appear to be "zany." Basically he thinks Obama's resistance towards reopening the Keystone pipeline is irrational, a move that would result in continued dependence on foreign oil and the loss of American jobs.

Ron Paul Praises the President on Iran

Ron Paul diverges from all of his fellow candidates on stage when he praises the president “wisely backing off” sanctions on Tehran. He reaffirmed a previous statement that he would even remove sanctions against the volatile country if he had clear evidence that it had a nuclear weapon. "We don't need another war!" he exclaims.