Fox News Analyst Steps Down From Management At Firm After Saying Actual Sex-Harassment Victims ‘Few and Far Between’

Fox News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin stepped down from management of a large law firm after saying last week on Hannity that for “a lot” of women who sue over sexual harassment “it’s all about the money,” and that actual victims are “few and far between.” Her exit was announced Tuesday with a statement from a partner: “The [firm] in no way endorses or agrees with any statements which could even remotely be interpreted as minimizing or trivializing the seriousness and gravity of sexual harassment or similarly predatory behaviors, and we renounce them in the strongest possible terms.” Colwin appeared Wednesday on Fox & Friends to apologize for her comments: “I want to make absolutely clear that I believe and know there are victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. I in no way intended to minimize their pain or experiences. I was referring to my professional experience as an attorney and judge during which I have witnessed claims that do, indeed, lack merit. I was horrified when I realized that my statements could imply that the victims of harassment and abuse were very few and far between. My life experiences with friends, colleagues, and family are unfortunately to the contrary. My comments were never meant to dissuade victims from coming forward to report sexual abuse or undermine the victims who have. I sincerely apologize for the confusion and pain this has caused.”

Correction, 11/17/2017: A previous version of this post stated that Colwin had stepped down from her law firm instead of relinquishing her management role.