Freddy Krueger the Parrot Returns to Brazil Zoo After Snake Bite, Theft

A beloved Amazonian parrot named Freddy Krueger has returned to his zoo in Brazil after surviving a kidnapping, a snake bite, and a drug bust in the past four years alone, The Guardian reports Monday. Krueger first arrived at the zoo about four years ago, after he was severely injured during a drug raid on his owner’s home. The parrot was hit in the upper beak, burned, and blinded, earning him the classic horror-flick moniker. In early April, it got worse: The unlucky bird was bitten by a non-venomous snake. And on April 16, he was stolen from Cascavel’s zoo by armed raiders. But just two days later, The Guardian reports, he flew back, and was discovered by zoo staff in a tree near his cage. It’s not yet clear how Kruger escaped—but drops of blood nearby led handlers to think he might have bit his way free. “He’s a bit of a wild one,” the zoo’s vet said.