Friends Say Harper Lee Was Manipulated

Four people who know Harper Lee and reside in or near Monroeville, Alabama, say they believe she does not possess sufficient mental faculties to make informed decisions about her career. Publisher HarperCollins announced Tuesday that Lee’s second novel, Go Set a Watchman, will be released this summer, but residents say this goes against Lee’s expressed wishes for her career. “[Lee] had a stroke several years ago and her mind is not in a condition to make these decisions, I don’t think, personally,” said Janet Sawyer. “[Lee lawyer] Tonja Carter doesn’t allow her to see her friends anymore. She’s isolated her from the world in order to manipulate her. She wants to manipulate her funds.” Carter released a statement via Lee's publisher on Thursday, saying the author is "alive and kicking" (really?) and that she's "happy as hell" about the book coming out.