Gaddafi Forces Bombard Misrata

For the third straight day, forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have shelled the port city of Misrata, the only rebel-held city in the Western part of Libya. Human Rights Watch says it has evidence that Gaddafi's forces have begun using cluster bombs, an internationally banned weapon that drops grenades designed to kill the maximum number of people. Rebels said Saturday that 100 Grad rockets were fired into the city, and that fierce fighting was taking place around the outskirts of Brega, a city near Benghazi in the east. A rebel commander there said he hoped to have "good news" by the end of the day. "We have people who are positioned at the entrance to Brega, they have cleared out some snipers. We've basically cleared out Gaddaffi's forces from the eastern outskirts," he said. Meanwhile, as many as 10,000 refugees are stranded in Misrata, waiting to escape. An aid ship took about 1,200 refugees to Benghazi late Friday.