Gaddafi Mounts New Attacks on Rebels

Gaddafi won’t go down without a fight: The Libyan leader’s forces mounted a heavy assault on rebels in the strategic city of Ajdabiya Sunday, a sign that his regime is increasing efforts to regain territory in eastern Libya. Many rebel vehicles were seen leaving the city for Benghazi, an opposition stronghold. Ajdabiya is situated at a strategic highway junction and has changed hands many times since the conflict started. Recently, assisted by sandstorms which provide cover, Gaddafi’s forces have increased attacks on Ajdabiya’s western gate, primarily using long-distance shelling. Meanwhile in the western town of Misrata on Sunday, Gaddafi’s forces killed at least six civilians and injured dozens more. Witnesses there have said that Gaddafi’s troops are using cluster bombs against the city, though the Libyan government denies this.