Gaddafi Possibly Hidden by Nomads

Somewhere near the Algerian border town of Ghadamis, Muammar Gaddafi is being hidden by nomads, Libya’s new rulers believe. The Tuaregs, a group of desert tribesmen, have been loyal to Gaddafi since he allowed them to live in Libya and backed their uprisings against the governments of Mali and Niger in the 1970s. The elusive ex-leader has continued evading revolutionary forces as fighters struggle to take one of the last pro-Gaddafi strongholds, his hometown of Sirte, despite weeks of fighting and NATO airstrikes. A rebel spokesman said on Friday that the National Transitional Council's military is controlling northern Sirte, including the city's port and airbase. Two of Gaddafi’s sons are still in Libya, while the rest of his children have fled to neighboring countries or are missing.