Gaddafi Son May Be Readying Peace Deal

Could Saif Gaddafi be the new head of Libya? He may be putting himself forward for the job. According to a diplomat with close ties to the Libyan government, Muammar Gaddafi's son is proposing a peace plan in which he oversees a constitutional democracy. Such a solution may be a long way off, however, as neither Saif's father nor the rebels appear to be open to it. The rebels insist on the exit of both Col. Gaddafi and his sons, while Gaddafi, according to the diplomat, is convinced the rebellion is nothing but a foreign conspiracy of Islamist radicals and colonial Western powers. “This is the beginning position of the opposition, and this is the beginning position of the Libyan government,” the diplomat said. “But the bargaining has yet to commence.” There has been speculation about a peace proposal from Saif ever since his aide, Mohamed Ismail, traveled to London several days ago. The rebels and Gaddafi's forces have been locked in a stalemate over the town of Brega for the last two days.