Gaddafi’s Bloody Final Moments

Though there are conflicting reports, details of Muammar Gaddafi's final moments have emerged. The Associated Press reports that after he was dragged out of a drain pipe, Gaddafi raised his hands and said, "Don't kill me, my sons." Upon being captured, Libyan forces tried to load him into a vehicle when loyalists forces engaged in a gun fight. At this point, Gaddafi was wounded in his right arm. As more shots rang out, the former dictator was struck in the head (possibly by his own bodyguards) and then died moments before reaching a hospital, said Libya's transitional prime minister. Al Jazeera aired footage of Gaddafi—dripping blood but seemingly alive—being dragged around in Sirte. Another video showed Gaddafi with his eyes open and what looks like a gunshot wound to his head, as Libyan fighters fired gunshots into the air. In a third shocking video on YouTube, fighters posed for pictures with Gaddafi’s corpse, positioning the lifeless body by pulling his hair.