Gaddafi’s Death Details Revealed

The commander whose forces killed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi told BBC News on Saturday about the final moments of the despot’s life, from being dragged out of the pipe to his death by gunshots. Omran al-Oweib said Gaddafi was dragged from a drainpipe in Sirte, took a few steps, and collapsed amid gunfire. “I didn’t see who killed, which weapon killed Gaddafi,” Oweib said. He then took Gaddafi to a field hospital where he was pronounced dead. In his last days, Gaddafi lived the life of a fugitive—reportedly surviving on rice and pasta and moving every few days to elude capture. Gaddafi’s remains, along with those of his son Mutassim, are being kept in a meat-storage facility in Misrata. Officials want to give Gaddafi a secret burial to keep the grave from becoming a shrine.