Garrido's 1972 Rape Charge

Phillip Garrido's history of sexual violence is worse than previously thought. Garrido, 58, stands accused of kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard when she was 11, raping her, fathering two daughters with her, and imprisoning her for 18 years. Now, according to The Times of London, the Antioch, California police say they first became aware of Garrido in 1972, when he was charged with enticing a 14-year-old into his car at a public library, drugging her with barbiturates and taking her to a motel where he raped her repeatedly. It's unclear from police records why the case was dropped. Just four years later, Garrido kidnapped and raped a casino worker from Reno, Nevada in a soundproofed storage unit, a crime for which he served 11 years. A police officer said he believed there was a "good chance" that Garrido had other victims.