Garrison Keillor Axed for ‘Multiple Allegations’ of Misconduct, MPR Exec Says

Radio host Garrison Keillor’s recent ouster from Minnesota Public Radio was the result of “multiple allegations” of misconduct over an extended period of time, the president of MPR’s parent company told employees Wednesday. Jon McTaggart, chief executive of American Public Media Group, told employees he was the only member of the company’s staff who was aware of the allegations against Keillor and that only lawyers and a committee of APMG board members have been made aware of the specifics. McTaggart said he alone made the decision to cut ties with Keillor, the longtime host of A Prairie Home Companion. The company cited “allegations of inappropriate behavior” when it announced last week it was terminating all contracts with Keillor, who had retired from A Prairie Home Companion last year but was still producing The Writer’s Almanac. Keillor appeared to downplay the allegations amid the scandal, saying he was fired for putting his hand on a woman’s bare back in an attempt to console her.