Luscious Locks

GASP! Kate Middleton To Change Her Hairstyle?

Kate may chop her hair in advance of Australia visit next month.

Meanwhile, back to the serious news - and is it really true that Kate Middleton is going to cut her hair?

That certainly is the rumor doing the rounds this week, with speculation that Kate may give her locks a dramatic chops before heading off on tour to Australia next month.

While most expect her to plump for a shorter, shoulder-length style, she is also being urged by some to adopt a more radical bob to avoid endless fussing with her hair when the weatehr is anything less than still.

Kate's hair has been somewhat schizophrenic of late. First of all there was the strange incident in November when - after a couple of months locked away with her new baby - Kate appeared on a public engagement in London with grey roots, and earlier this month on a visit to a school her hair, which now comes halfway down her chest, was whipped around in the wind.

Now the speculation about which cut Kate might choose is getting kind of crazy with British bookmaker Coral even offering odds:

1-4 odds on a shorter, shoulder-length style• 3-1 odds on a classic bob• 8-1 odds on a pixie crop• 10-1 odds on transforming her luscious brown locks to shiny blonde tresses• 20-1 odds on hair extensions• 100-1 odds on a perm• 1000-1 odds on dreadlocks• 1000-1 odds on cornrows• 5000-1 odds on shaving everything off